Saturday, November 21, 2009

Saturday Night

It's Saturday and I am so exhausted that I am sitting around in stretchy pants watching movies. I must have been half asleep writing the last post but I'm going to leave it as is. Just finished two spoonfuls of peanut butter with Nutella. Willpower is non-existent.

Is this pathetic?

Here is something I don't get. In the last week at my new office there were two cakes brought in to celebrate different occasions. I did not have any cake because I happen to think sheet cake from the grocery store is GROSS. In addition to a monstrous headache, the amount of sugar frosting they put on is enough to give anyone type 2 diabetes. And for what? If you're going to give yourself diabetes you might as well enjoy the better things in life.

Speaking of, I am trying to plan and simple inexpensive Thanksgiving dinner. My choices are: Turkey, (obviously) butternut squash gnocchi, sauteed kale, and.....? I don't know what else. I like sweet potato pie but no one else in the family does. Stuffing and various other vegetables give everyone stomach aches so I'm not going to bother going to the trouble just to have indigestion all night.

If you have suggestions I'd like to know............


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