Tuesday, April 19, 2011

7/ Next

Seeing as how I merely had a few temp jobs before returning to Chicago for the NU interview, I had absolutely no idea where my next paycheck was coming from after the wedding and I was petrified. I contacted the agency I previously worked with and left a message. Hours later while I was walking around, a recruiter called and said that she had something. It was a customer service job for $14.75 and hour but she couldn't just place me, I'd have to interview.

The interview was set for the next day at noon and the address was emailed to me. I asked her if it was downtown, but she was unfamiliar with the address. After checking directions she said all I'd have to do is get on the 99. Ok, but I don't have a car. Oh don't worry, it's on a bus line. Sure.

Once home I checked the directions and it seemed extremely far away. Too far for a measly temp customer service job. Mapquest and googlemaps had conflicting results as to how far the walk was once I got off the 2nd bus. I expressed my reservations to the recruiter on the phone the next day, but she encouraged me to check it out and then decide.

I left with plenty of time to get there but the 2nd bus ride took much longer than I thought it would. We passed an area of Seattle that I had never been passed before. After a while I wondered if I was still in Seattle at all. The bus driver kindly announced my stop and then asked if I knew where I was going. I said that my directions said to go back where we just turned and then go left. Someone on the bus piped up and said it was impossible. I should go back and to the right.

I followed his advice but I found myself to be the only pedestrian in a completely industrial area. There was no sidewalk with the amount of cars and trucks, it felt like I was on a highway. Once I came to the point where he said to go right, it didn't seem right to me. There was a DO NOT ENTER sign and several construction vehicles parked. I didn't see a building anywhere and I didn't think it was safe for me to be walking around alone in this lot.

Then I thought it was silly of me not to follow googlemaps so I went toward that direction. It brought me to a fence. A fence. Nervousness officially set in. It was windy, yet I was sweaty under the jacket and worried about the state of my appearance before this interview. I had begun to lose confidence about going through with this.

I called the recruiter who sounded concerned and she gave me the receptionist's number at the building. I still had time to get there for the interview but she gave me completely different directions. I had reservations about it the whole way, but followed it anyway. Once I was officially 15 minutes late for the interview and no closer to a building other than Subway, I called again. I told her the intersection I was at, and to my dismay I was at Marginal Way SW, not the Marginal Way S that I needed. She said I had quite a way to go.

So, I listened to her explain for a moment, but interrupted her to thank her and let her know that I was going home. When you lose all confidence for a job interview and also know that you are not going to deal with this commute AND you are late as hell, what is the point?

I called the recruiter back to let her know that I was lost and terribly sorry but I was going to have to pass on this one. She understood. BUT then I kept on talking. Somewhere between the Marginal Way SW and I think she didn't understand where I was.....I lost it. My voice cracked and I started to absolutely weep and I tried to hold it together, but instead said: AND THIS IS BULLSHIT! WHY DID YOU SEND ME HERE? I HAVE NO IDEA WHERE I AM. I DON'T HAVE A SMARTPHONE. I AM LOST!

The recruiter kept her cool and sounded genuinely concerned, as maybe she should have known that it wasn't the most commuter friendly area. She asked if she should send me a cab but of course I couldn't afford it. I knew how to get back to the bus stop and it would be fine.

I waited nearly an hour for the bus and after arriving back in familiar areas, I went catatonic for the rest of the day. The experience wasn't worth it. Always go with your gut.

I had no idea what to do next.

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