Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I guess you could say that United Airlines and I have parted ways. Once in Chicago, I tried to contact both Delta and United to switch around my trip to Florida so I wouldn't have to return to Seattle. Didn't work. Tuesday night I had a 9pm flight to Seattle, and the following morning I would be flying from Seattle to Minneapolis, then on to Orlando. I couldn't believe what a waste it all was. I was dreadfully frightened that this flight would be cancelled, and then I would lose money and buy tickets again and AAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH. I intended to get to the airport and try to fly standby on an earlier flight, but couldn't make it. In fact, I was unwell. By that I mean both physically and mentally. I caught a cold in Chicago and generally felt down.

Did I do the right thing by interviewing across the country? Where was my next check coming from? How was I going to pay for everything during this trip?

My mom tried to soothe me as I packed for Florida. While she folded my most gorgeous yellow cleavage bearing halter top, she wisely explained that my priorities were the reason for all this confusion. I used to want to travel all the time and I did that. Then I wanted to move away and I did that. Now things are different and since I haven't found my road, I've got some turmoil. She made it seem like it's all no big deal. Eventually it will be clear and easy. My parents said that they couldn't stand to see me like this and offered to help me financially, which is ridiculous because they're broke. It was a nice gesture. Due to this emotional day, I didn't get to the airport in time to fly stand-by and would have to hope that there weren't problems on this flight. I checked flight status all day and it said on time, so I was reassured.

Once checked in, I went straight to the bar. One beer was enough to calm me down and be ready for another 4 hour ordeal. Arriving at my gate I noticed there weren't any attendants there yet. It was odd. Then I noticed how few people were at the gate and it was getting close to boarding time. I mentioned to the girl across from me that this flight seemed really empty, and she replied: "You must have missed the announcement. They just said we're delayed 3 hours."

I was dumbstruck. This meant that I would arrive in Seattle at 1:30am, and need to be back at the airport by 6am. I was stunned for about an hour, but thank goodness for friends and a charged phone. I was just going to have to deal and remain positive that all the other components to this trip worked out. I'm not one of those ungrateful people that flip off the flight attendants, like others did that night. I know just how lucky I am to be able to fly up in the air with a bunch of people and cargo, but to have two terrible airport experiences back to back has given me airline preferences. United and I are no longer a team. They don't deserve my money.

As it was, I got to lie in a bed by about 2:30am, and a cab came to get us at at 5:00am. I wrote in my journal that night that I never want to fly again. Wherever I end up, people are going to have to visit me.

We made it to the gross hotel in Orlando by 10:30pm eastern time and intended to go across the street to Universal Studios by 8am the next morning. Yeah right. We didn't get there until 11.

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