Friday, August 21, 2009

The Wind Changes Direction

I am moving. It's harder than I thought. I am currently sitting among piles and piles of clothes, papers, books, and dust. I am remembering everything that I like about Seattle and I am becoming afraid of being far away from this life I made.

What were all the good things that I will miss?

having my own kitchen
not running into people I didn't want to see
seeing mountains instead
freedom, independence
not needing to drive
pale ale
local fruit
Alaskan salmon
Greenlake walks
best yoga studio
The White Horse Bar
the Macrina Bakery
the Sound
pale pink orange roses by my front door

Top five lessons learned in Seattle:

5) Your co-workers are generally not your friends. Don't get too involved with them.

4) Beware of drama.

3) Don't ever talk to womanizers or any sexist idiot that is condescending or constantly flirtatious. This includes your boss.

2) Yoga is the secret to health and well being.

1) Sunshine is essential.

It was two years of life lessons that I hope I have grown from. Now I go home to regroup. It is something both scary and necessary. I hope it means that I will grow more and find my way back to creativity and a clearer path ahead.

Best dish I made while living here: Naleshniki with meat (explanation later) and fig pie with pistachio crust. Or maybe the Napoleon. Or the fig raspberry pie with bay leaves and thyme. Hmmm.


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  2. I'm sorry you're going, but I understand (some) of what's going on.

    Good luck, and stay in touch.