Saturday, August 1, 2009

Disaster Cake

I actually made this mess for a birthday. It was my second try too. While I was supposed to have made a White Chocolate Raspberry Layer Cake, I really made what my Grandma would call a "moosh mahsh." Disaster.

Layer cakes are a huge challenge for me. They always come out lopsided or I lose a bunch of it when I take it out of the pan. There never seem to be enough cream for the outside and then I never know if I should refrigerate or not. I like them a lot and they are certainly a good challenge so hopefully I'll get better at this one of these days.


  1. I actually used to make layer cakes all of the time. The key is to work with cake that has been refrigerated, so you don't just absorb the filling. You also need to use a recipe with a denser crumb. I recommend using a smaller pan to start with. It's easier to work with smaller round or square pans for layer cakes. You can make the same volume of cake with like three round cake pans, and then you get a beautiful cake with six layers. It would be easier to use two square pans than a rectangle pan. If you already did all of that, maybe layer cakes just aren't in the cards for you. :)

  2. Disaster cake looked like disaster cake but tasted like awesome cake.

  3. +1

    This cake was fantastic! Disaster? No way!