Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Chapter 3: Holy Land

7/10/2010 email to my dad:

Dear Dad,

Hi. I have no idea what time it is in Chicago but here it is 12:41pm on Saturday right now. I am so confused I feel like I haven't slept or taken a shower in like 2-3 days. How strange.
We are currently at Hana's place and mom is in the shower. I told her to text you right away but she was too busy chatting up a storm. My phone isn't getting a service provider here.
We are ok. This is ok. I have a feeling one week will be plenty. That was a very, very long flight. It's hot and muggy here. Their place is tiny but nice.
You can watch my Netflix movie if you want, it takes place in Swaziland. It's in the den. Sorry I left a mess there but oh well. Mom said over and over how happy she is that I came. I didn't realize that she hadn't been on a plane in a long time and didn't know how the whole security/checking in thing worked now. I'm not so sure Mom would feel confident to travel alone, so I guess I did a good thing. I am not looking forward to the work week on the 19th. The jet lag will be brutal.

After this it's time to move on. Living with the family after 30 is an interesting experiment but it's done.
Anyway I really don't know what we're going to do here. Hopefully they have some plans to take us around. It's really pretty and those flowers mom loves are everywhere. Bougainvilleas.
I am exhausted. Mom didn't cramp up on the plane which is good but she seems a little over heated and exhausted too. Hopefully she will call soon. I will try to take a little nap. Luckily they have a computer in the room we're in so I can do this everyday.
Enjoy the peace and quiet.

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