Sunday, February 21, 2010


Slow days. Bored and achy. Need hands kneading a dough but on my legs. Palms pushing into my calves and hamstrings with cream. Making work but daydreaming constantly. Can't get a private moment. Delirious. Couldn't a pastry cutter roll down the backs of my arms? A brush dipped in lavender oil lightly touches my neck... A dough prickler makes its way around my scalp and cookie presses release cool water onto my chest. Olive oil massages into my head and a single hot pepper caresses my lips. Deep dark chocolate melts in my mouth and an icing spatula spreads applesauce over my stomach. A cheesecloth blindfolds me while a rolling pin runs up and down my back. Chocolate forks tickle my feet and raspberries rest on my eyelids. My mattress turns into a fluffy pancake with maple syrup falling off my hips and it all dissolves into a sea of warm milk where I can sleep in peace.

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