Friday, January 21, 2011

Nalesniki Night

A couple years ago I made a dish for a Christmas party that was a big hit. My family used to make this every once and a while and they served it with chicken soup. It's a ton of work to make these, not difficult work, just time consuming. Instead being a usual dinner in my household, it will have to be served as something special; something to look forward to. And so, I declare Nalesniki to be my official Christmas dish.

Some people make chili for Christmas or goose, ham, tamales, or whatever your special family recipe is, but mine will be these. They're pronounced Nah Lesh Niki, which is endless fun to hear from everyone. The way I describe the dish is like they're savory meat crepes. Of course you can make them with turkey, mushrooms, cheese, and whatever you like. I made mine with meat, onions, and something special which I can't reveal. It's a long process but once you're there it's worth it. The simplest way to explain is this: make crepes, cook meat, roll up, fry. I put in too many onions this year so maybe I'll have to make them again before the holiday.

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