Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fast Food

I can't do it. I can't eat fast food. It's always a horrendous debilitating stomach ache and I just don't understand it.

Most people I know can handle the occasional candy bar or Taco Bell run but I can't. Fried food and grease is always a nightmare and this is really sad for someone who loves onion rings to death. I do allow for them occasionally but I have to split an order with someone or I will be very sorry later.

Sunday I was feeling great. My day started off beautifully. The weather in Seattle was perfect and I made my way to an early yoga class. After yoga I took a nice walk and ended up at a street festival going on near my neighborhood. It seemed like I should eat something at this fair so I went for a seemingly harmless chicken burrito. It was good and filling which was nice after the exercise. I sat down at a cafe for a while after and read.

Then I started to feel.....weird. Dizzy. Nauseous. Sweaty. Almost too full. Was it the caffeine? The grease? Was it heartburn? I needed to lie down. I would have liked to walk more and enjoy the day but instead realized that I had to get myself home as soon as possible. I was walking rather fast when my shoe caught something. I got my balance back for a second but then my knee gave out and I fell rather badly onto my left hip.

Well great! How many people just fall on the sidewalk in a crowded area? It's one thing to fall or trip once in a while but my god. There were a lot of people around me and several inside a restaurant facing the sidewalk. Thanks gods of Seattle! I appreciate it. Besides the fall I was holding a small cup of water which I managed to hold on to, but the water landed all over me. Beautiful day indeed.

I got home and went to sleep for hours. I woke up with the biggest stomach ache I have had in a long time. I took Mylanta for the pain to no avail.

What is it that does this? I've heard that MSG has these types of affects on people. I know that grease can make people sluggish and cause indigestion but what is it? I see people eating the greasiest food on the planet with no problem. Why does it affect me in this way? People say it's because I'm not used to eating fast food, but how does a body get used to it in the first place? How do some people have that so called "stomach of steel," and is that really a good thing anyway?

The stomach ache lasted until last night. I couldn't sleep at all the last two nights.

When I was in high school I was diagnosed with an ulcer. It runs in my family to have problems with the stomach but I found that a lot of them were stress related. I figured that if I stay relatively healthy I shouldn't have days like this anymore.

Sometimes it just comes for you I guess. Like sickness of any sort and days when you embarrass yourself it could just be your own body trying to get you to slow down. Nature has its way of making you stop and reconsider future burritos at street fairs and fruit in third world countries.

By that logic, maybe nature was trying to get me to buy a new pair of shoes too.

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