Monday, May 11, 2009

Recipe for Sicky

This weekend I was in bed SICK. It seems like the gods are against me as it was a particularly beautiful weekend in Seattle and I spent it in bed and on the couch.

Here are my top Sicky Recipes:

1) Rub raw garlic on toast

2) Chicken soup: I like Mrs. Grass because it tastes amazing for soup in a box and who wants to make anything from scratch when you can't breathe?

3) Hot Toddy: whiskey with hot water lemon and sugar

4) Steam your head: boil a huge pot of water and put your face over the steam with a towel over your head

5) Tea with slices of lemon and cookies in dip in.

6) Eating as many grapefruits, tangerines, and oranges as possible

7) Sleep all day and when awake, watch The Simpsons.

I think I might have to buy a Neti pot to help with the breathing today. If you have suggestions for this sicky I'm all ears.

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