Friday, January 21, 2011


In the effort to keep some sort of holiday tradition I managed to make sufganiyot, which is a sweet for Chanukah. Because the holiday is about the miracle of having enough oil to provide light, most of the foods served are fried. Sufganiyot are doughnuts. I made them from scratch and made the whole place reek of oil, and I made them on Christmas Eve instead of Chanukah, so there you go. At least I tried.

Here is what to do when you can't find your rolling pin:

No idea if that is hygienic. I washed the bottle and it worked well enough. Clearly I'll be taking over for Martha Stewart and her ultra perfectionist attitude any day now.

The oil was too hot when I dropped the first ball in and it burned to a crisp right away. The smoke filled the room and I completely freaked. Furious that I decided not to buy the oil thermometer due to the price, I nearly gave up. On the second, third, and forth tries it seemed to work ok.

I can't say that these were a total success but they took a pretty picture. You can't tell that some were hockey pucks. I'll have to try again. Since I worked on them until 1am, it's a good thing I have a year until Chanukah.

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