Saturday, December 4, 2010

Beautiful Flowers

I love the studio owner I work for and really feel bad writing about her, but just can't help myself. I laugh at work every day.

I opened the studio during the snowstorm Saturday. She called early to ask me to shovel snow in front of the studio so the sidewalk would be safe. While she was talking to me a couple came in wanting to know about our classes. I told the owner that I needed to call her back.

When I got her back I said "sorry about that, " to be polite. She said: "Oh no. You handled that perfectly. You are a beautiful flower."

She gave me some instructions for the morning and said she would be in around 9:30. When I opened I noticed that she left me 3 singles in the drawer and no fives. Thank goodness I had time to walk to the bank after shoveling. By the time she got there I took care of the snow, talked to her husband about getting more salt, got plenty of change for the drawer and handled all the transactions for the first two classes.

However, she pointed out that I neglected to turn on the essential oil diffuser and that it really needs to made a morning priority.

Somehow she makes owning a small business look like the easiest and best job in the world.

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