Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Oh Zooey

Ohhhhh Zooey Deschanel. Just you wait.

I just saw you in a fucking ad for Rimmel Mascara. OH Yes I saw it. Soooooo. Even though you are absolutely perfect in every fucking way you still in need of the use of some gabilllion dollar add for your fucking beauty. Ha ha ha ahah aha!!!!

Yes I know that in 5900 Days of Summer you had your measurments set at your perfect 5"5 and size 8 foot and 122 weight...... guess what I AM EXACTLY THAT MEASURANT EXCEMPT 20 LBS HEVIEERT YOU FUCK IG BITVH.

So yhere.. This bottl of Marqus Philips SarAh's blend is perfectly meant for this mometnt. AS IS the entire bag of orgnic quinoia fuking white tortillla chipsn that I already ate.

500 DYS OF Skokie is comg at chatha. Ha ha ha ha ha a

ha h ha ah ah aha aha a!

I am su h a babe. Oh mygoodness.

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