Thursday, May 6, 2010

I really don't know what you want me to do.

It's not what I want it's what you should want for yourself.

Clearly it's what you want otherwise you wouldn't bring it up. I don't have to do things because you want me to.

You don't see yourself the way other people see you.

Why should I care? You're so wound up in misery you can't find a way to be content with anything at all.

You should want more for yourself.

If you spend all your time wishing you had more then you will never be satisfied at all. I can't live like that. I'm not going to be disappointed everyday of my life. It's a syndrome; something that people see therapists for.

I know. But I only have you. (tears) You don't see yourself. You're the envy of everyone around you.

How can you be so delusional? I just want to be me. If I am smiling what is there to cry about?

You should try harder.

I don't do enough? Let me tell you something. I don't owe you anything. I am here for me. I am not going to do anything just because you want it. You have to stop wanting so much perfection.

I don't want perfection. I want what is best for you. You are leagues beyond what you have. Why don't you put yourself if better surroundings?

So says the woman that wants me to live here forever. I don't regret the majority of my decisions.

(more tears) I talk to plenty of people and they said that their daughters.....

I'm supposed to do what they do? What about just living for myself? I know that you want me to have all the things that you didn't have and want more than what you had and I'm supposed to accomplish what you couldn't do; it's ridiculous. You have to get over it.

You are throwing your life away. You are incredibly intelligent but make stupid decisions all the time.

Isn't it exhausting to be disappointed all the time? You are choosing to dislike my decisions. I am choosing to live my life. I've already done a ton of things to meet people and change my own circumstances. You sit around the house all day depressed. How is that any way to live?

I have plenty of things to do. I clean, I cook, I take care of everyone. I'm tired of living for all of you.

That's your own fault. Do whatever you want. I don't need your help.

You do need help you just don't see it. You're so beautiful and you only hang out with stupid people. You think bars are a nice place to meet people? Lousy people hang out in bars. Volunteer for a campaign. You will meet nice intelligent people that way. Remember I told you about that math professor that is running for office? You should work for him.

Who are these people that are so much better? Where are they? I have no idea what you're talking about.

That's because you're not making yourself available to change and opening your mind. You need to....

I'm not opening my mind? (walk away, slam door)

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