Wednesday, March 3, 2010

How It Happened

The ugly anteater says to the fuzzy bunny, "you are disobedient and rebellious." The fuzzy bunny wants to know why but the anteater was backed up by the big fat frog. The big fat frog says she didn't do anything but was the one who destroyed the project in the first place and was trying to blame the fuzzy bunny! So the fuzzy bunny knowing she didn't do anything wrong went to the teacher hippopotamus who had a brown paper bag full of fried food on her desk. The teacher hippopotamus says "it was never a blessing for you to come here. you made a secret deal with the director giraffe to get here in the first place. you might have to find yourself a new classroom by March 19." The grease kept making new designs on the paper bag as she spoke and she was eyeing it so fuzzy bunny went to talk to director giraffe. "But I didn't do anything wrong! I don't understand!" Director giraffe says not to worry and that it isn't her fault. In the meantime fuzzy bunny can't sit next to her schoolmates anymore and was shuffled to a new section without any of the cool supplies she worked with before. The new animals in this section are mean to fuzzy bunny and ignore her and refuse to answer questions unless the ugly anteater is there. Fuzzy bunny tried to stick up for herself again but it was no use. Several school mice and bears asked her what happened and why she was moved but fuzzy bunny felt unable to say anything. She canceled a group outing she arranged after school for Friday. She forgot to eat anything today. Fuzzy bunny does not know what to do now.

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  1. Director Giraffe? that amused me. I know the post wasn't meant to amuse but that is funny.