Friday, September 18, 2009

Shana Tova (Happy New Year)

In honor of this holiday I would like to tell you an amusing story.

My parents were dog sitting for the last two weeks. This is how much my dad likes dogs:

This is how much my mom likes dogs:

Sometimes my mom has a little trouble with English. Sometimes sarcasm doesn't come through so well in an email. This story involves both problems.

My mom was close to running out of dog food and wanted to get exactly the kind that the owners get. They gave her dog food in a huge container that didn't have the name of the brand on it. She read and re-read the email giving her instructions for the dogs. Thinking that the name of the brand was N Y she went to Petsmart, Jewel, Trader Joes, Walgreens, and Sam's Club looking for this dog food. She asked sales staff if they carried it and they all said no. She even showed a copy of the email to a salesperson at Petsmart who told her that they didn't carry it. She showed my dad the email and asked him to help her find it but he said, "Ok, ok no one has it. Let's go already. Who cares what the damn dogs eat?"

Luckily for her I went to Sam's club with them and looked around for a bit. I thought they were taking an awfully long time to get dog food so I found them and she was freaking out. "This email doesn't make any sense! I've been all over the place! No one has ever heard of N Y with strip steak flavor!!!! I don't know where to go next."

So I took a look at the email.

"Mom. Mom. MOM. Calm down. Listen to me carefully: If you're out of New York strip steak, lamb chops, and pork tenderloin you can feed them dog food. It's a joke."

"What? But the salesperson at Petsmart.....but even your dad.......oh my god. You Americans."

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  1. As usual, you're right. This is absolutely brilliant. I adore the last line. I also love the picture set up at the beginning. I want to market this idea.

    I remain amazed when people serve their dogs human food. I knew one couple who set a place at the table for their poodle. I am fairly sure that she probably at New York strip steak or a filet at the very least.