Friday, September 28, 2012

Betrayal. Again.

Dear Asshole Cousin S,

I want to be honest with you.  When I called you about your upcoming trip to Ireland I was completely appalled at your family and still am.  I sincerely cannot believe that you all are going to spread Jim's ashes without us, or without our knowledge of the fact.  You seem to be under the impression that it is L's responsibility to tell us what is going on and that is just ridiculous.  Your dad should have been forthright with us about everything and is purposely leaving us out either due to the fact that he owes my dad and I $5000 or because he simply does not care.  Or both. 

My dad and I did real honest labor involving Jim's place and saw that everything was dealt with properly, and you guys can't even tell us of your plans or promise to send pictures or anything?  We don't even know if you're doing any sort of blessing at the site, or if you're going to bury his capsule or anything.  We did all the hard work, but you get a vacation out of it and a chance to look like heroes to the family overseas.  We never said that we didn't want to go, it was just going to be a challenge to arrange it.  This was a perfect opportunity to come together and see this through, but instead you guys blew us off.  It's fine if you really decided on things last minute but a phone call or just any information would have been the kind and appropriate way to handle this.  Surely your family can't have such bad manners.

I could choose to write you all off forever due to this extreme insult but instead I am trying to gain an explanation and involvement in order to right this wrong.  I have sent your dad a very dignified and heartfelt letter expressing my disappointment and so far have been completely ignored.  I am seriously hurt and cannot believe your family has treated us this way.  There is nothing in the world we did to deserve such an ugly display of selfishness and arrogance.  

Maybe you think this is just between them, but not this time.  This directly has affected me and will determine the rest of the course for us as family members.   I figured I should clue you in.  Even if we are not close, I have been nothing but nice to all of you.  I have done my absolute best to be diplomatic and reasonable.  When we were younger I tried to be your friend and real relative, and you have never tried with me.  This will be my last olive branch.

I urge you to think carefully before responding in a rash manner; I will not entertain any ludicrous stories of the past or insults to me or my dad. 

Have a nice trip.


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