Thursday, November 25, 2010

Turkey Tom

What I learned about Thanksgiving this year:

It takes at least 6 hours to make

20 minutes to eat

And there is no one to talk to when dinner is over

I don't know what people without families do during the holidays. I feel that I don't have one, even though I do. The four others that constitute my family are people I can barely stand being around. Thanksgiving was always my favorite holiday but now I just hate them all. I even believe that the family put on a show for my benefit all these years and can't stand being around each other at all. My grandmother and uncle decided to eat out today even though I made the whole meal at my parent's place, and they live downstairs. At first I was hurt and then I realized that if they don't care, nor should I. I am so sick and tired of all their crap that I just need to scrub the family and their value system and all this disappointment right off my skin.

Since I stupidly did everything for the dinner today; here is the plan should I ever make this meal again:

make dessert. be sure to make sweet potato pie because it is my favorite and I didn't have time to make it today. (huge bummer)

peel, chop, and soak everything. make cranberry sauce

put it all together and maybe even make a cocktail.

Lessons learned:

- roasted root veggies are way better than pan fried. thyme is key.
- use less butter if possible
- milk that goes into mashed potatoes needs to be warm or room temp.
- the turkey is supposed to measure 180 degrees in the thigh when finished
- allspice goes nicely in the cranberry sauce
- gravy is unnecessary
- vegetarian stuffing is the way to go: apples and currants are a must. don't forget a little melted butter, and preferably unsalted croutons; salted is overpowering
- make sure someone can help you with the dishes. my god, half the day is washing. my hands are killing me
- less is more
- and if you get invited to a friend's home for this holiday forget this mess and just go, which is exactly what I should have done. Bless L for remembering me today. I shall not decline next time.

Things I am thankful for in no particular order:

- a heated place to live
- enough money for food and bills
- my health
- Bell's Best Brown Ale
- love
- finding the ability to hold my own
- yoga
- writing
- good friends that call with funny stories or take me salsa dancing
- The Moth
- The Hyde Park Art Center
- purple nail polish
- having opportunities and choices
- silk pajamas

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